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LifeFitness 95Ri Battery?

Recumbent Bike
LifeFitness 95Ri

You may think that you need to replace your battery because the electronic control panel lights up only briefly and then turns off with only brief flickerings thereafter. Many people on ebay purchase another battery and it solves their problem. The real issue is that most likely the battery has been completely depleted of it’s charge and you need to run the bike for a while (2-3 minutes), let the flywheel come to complete stop, then restart the pedaling and there may be enough charge on the battery to allow the control panel to stay light, if not keep pedaling a little longer since the battery may need more of a charge. Once you get the control panel to light up, do a good workout for a considerable amount of time as it will charge the battery even longer and it will most likely retain enough of a charge for the next time you need to exercise. If on the other hand you fail to get the display to stay on ever even after doing the start, pedal a while, wait for it to stop spinning several times, it may very well be time change the battery.

Also, most of the offerings on EBay are very expensive. Most sell for $40.

Sportsmith has them for a very reasonable $20 ea.

Also on Amazon for a more reasonable price of $20, free shipping.

8 thoughts on “LifeFitness 95Ri Battery?

  1. Life Fitness, 95 Rei : Tried to access the battery compartment underneath in order to replace the battery. There is a solid metal plate with two round bolts sticking out, one is bronce-colored and secured by a nut. Is this supposed to be the access to the battery compartment? If yes, what’s next? PS.: battery is dead, all instructions failed to reload it. Thanks for a hint.

    1. Gunther
      Did you ever get an answer on the battery routine.
      I need a battery too, just dont want to do this more than once…
      Thanks my friend.
      My phone number is 817-822-9393

      1. Yes that is the battery compartment. Unscrew them, disconnect the leads, put in new battery pack. Pretty easy to do. Amazon has 19 in stock as of today.

  2. Help…I can’t get the old battery out of my Life Fitness recumbent bike 95Ri.

    1. It comes out of the bottom. If you tip it on its side you should be able to get to it. -Tim

  3. I had to remove the skirts in order to remove the battery. There are 2 screws holding the battery in place and there is no way to take the screws out without removing the skirt, both of them.

    1. I wonder if yours was a slightly different rev.

  4. I had the same experience as Dave- LifeFitness 95Ri, ordered this battery and needed to take off the pedals, both skirts, and unscrew the two 8mm screws holding the battery in place to get it out.

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