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A great, tough interview for Trump by Charlie Sykes

Audio: When a #NeverTrumper interviews Trump – Hot Air
“We’re not on a playground. We’re running for president of the United States.”

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So why did nobody tell me about this!?!?!?

So I have been playing racquetball for approximately 15 years and have always suffered from jamming my feet into the front of my shoes. Just a couple of weeks ago I ran into a way to tie your shoes to help prevent the great majority of the jamming. It does feel a little different but mostly because the tips of my toes are not being tortured anymore.

It is called a heel lock (I called it a runner’s lock) on your shoelaces.

You know that extra eyelet at the top of your shoes? It actually has a purpose!

The very top laces will not give at all and will keep the tips of your toes from sliding forward by applying pressure to the front part of your ankle.

I found the best results is to snug the shoe laces all the way up, pull the end of the laces up and then down to your heel a couple of times and then tie as usual.

It does present some challenges to loosening your shoe though!

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I absolutely love this discussion on altruism. Food for thought

William MacAskill on Effective Altruism and Doing Good Better | EconTalk | Library of Economics and Liberty
How much care do you take when you make a donation to a charity? What careers make the biggest difference when it comes to helping others? William MacAskill of Oxford University and the author of Doing Good Better talks…

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I finally understand why America appears to like #TheDonald   #Trump  so much….

I finally understand why America appears to like #TheDonald   #Trump  so much. He is an old and retired "Duke Nukem".

Duke Nukem once said: "It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum… and I'm all outta gum."

I can see the appeal. No reason, just appeal.

duke nukem – Google Search

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I have been puzzling over these for a a little while and have created some sawdust…

I have been puzzling over these for a a little while and have created some sawdust over this problem. The solution eludes me.

I need a foolproof easy way to be able to do repeatable 30 degree  bevel cuts on a board so that the resulting shape on edge is a rhombus, all sides are the same length.

Using a board planed down to 1.25" x 5.5" x 3' for instance. I imagine having the fence on the left to facilitate safe and easy bevel cuts. My issue comes from after the first cut how to adjust the fence over the width of the board plus the kerf to arrive at the next position.

Any help is greatly appreciated. 

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So I am thoroughly impressed with the new Photos app to index and search existing…

So I am thoroughly impressed with the new Photos app to index and search existing photos by what the algorithms recognize, geolocation and people…

I experimented a little bit searching for old photos that I knew existed but have had a hard time finding just like they described at IO today, the endless scrolling through past photos, and I found a few things that it could not find.

Never fear, find the old photos once, change their information/description using the desktop/browser version of photos and then a little while later they will be included in search results.

I don't know if it learned it by how I placed some similar photos into a named album or just indexed the info I added.

#Enhancement  What this brings to mind is that the Photos app should ask every now and again to tag/add info/describe photos in your repository that it has issues assigning.